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Rob Hedrick is a technical operations specialist with more than 20 years in live television production. Creativity and quality drive Rob’s skills as an articulate communicator and broadcast production workflow specialist. Those skills, along with his time spent producing, directing, and editing, make Rob the go-to-guy for leaders at the networks. Rob is on the speed dial for industry-leading professionals.

Rob Hedrick innovative television industry professional


Rob Hedrick innovated television professional at Emmy Awards


Segment Producer & Tech Manager

Member of National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences


Caps Red Line

Co-Executive Producer

Wizards Magazine: The Journey

Co-Executive Producer

56th Annual Emmy Awards


Rob has won multiple Emmy and Telly awards and even received an Emmy nomination for the software he developed. Rob's innovative spirit and can-do attitude are celebrated across the broadcast spectrum.


Rob’s experience ranges from tech managing national broadcasts to producing award-winning content for FOX, ABC, CNN, and NBC and leading teams of creative professionals at NBA, NHL, WNBA, and many other teams. In addition to directing and editing show segments and commercials, Rob has experience bringing OTT Platforms to market multiple times. 



Rob Hedrick innovative television industry professional leans on tripod

When I was eight years old, my Grandfather gave me his 8mm Bolex film camera. I wrote ideas into scripts and gave roles to my friends. I stole my brother’s action figures to create stop motion movies. My childhood hobby turned into an obsession when my mom bought a Hi8 camcorder for me when I was 13.

I took that creativity and curiosity with me through college – where I spent the Oklahoma summers chasing storms across the southern Plains. I intercepted severe storms and watched tornadoes form through my camera’s viewfinder. Not long after I started chasing weather, an Oklahoma City television station called. I joined their team as a freelance chaser and grew into one of their lead photojournalists producing content that regularly aired on ABC, CNN and the Weather Channel.

On April 18, 2008, I covered the story of an Oklahoma businessman who had secured the votes to move the Seattle Supersonics to Oklahoma City. Less than a year later, I accepted a job as the Manager of Broadcast operations for the newly-renamed Oklahoma City Thunder. I started working on show opens and special projects for the broadcasts that aired on Fox Sports. I designed a new production edit facility that served in-arena programming, as well as the telecast. Our team won our first EMMY® Award for a telecast that included an open I created for the Thunder’s first playoff game. 

My growth as a photojournalist outpaced the innovation of news technologies. I got frustrated with the outdated ways we gathered news. My friends and I developed software and hardware allowing the live streaming of severe weather. In 2002, F.A.S.T. Video was born – the first live-streaming video platform used by Oklahoma City media. The following year, the station offered a full-time position. For more than six years, I worked with a team of amazing photographers, reporters and producers to cover some of the biggest events in Oklahoma’s history – including the arrival of Oklahoma City’s first professional basketball team.

In 2013, I took what I learned with the Oklahoma City Thunder to a new sports city. As Executive Producer for a new network created to cover the Washington Capitals, Wizards, Mystics, Georgetown, and others, I assembled a team of producers, directors, and photographers to create multi-platform programming and in-arena content. Our online audience quickly grew to more than one million viewers per month. Our team earned numerous honors, including consecutive EMMY® Awards.

After my time with Monumental Sports came to an end, I joined a Boston business development firm as a consultant. But, I missed creating exciting, compelling content for television and the web. A unique opportunity presented itself with the National Hot Rod Association, they were moving their content in-house and inking a deal with Fox Sports and needed someone to design a studio and operate it.

I went to the 2015 finals in Pomona, California, and was hooked. I moved to Los Angeles that year to become a post-production supervisor. Los Angeles became a home for my creativity. I've never felt more a part of a creative community than I have here in LA. This city, these people, all have a passion for their craft and that inspires me. The energy in this city is incredible and I still feel like a kid on Christmas morning when I get to drive onto a studio lot, one of these shrines to everything I've ever been fascinated by from that first time I shot something I wrote using my Grandfather's 8mm Bolex film camera.

Film Camera
Los Angeles skyline at night shot by Rob Hedrick


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