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Mello Yello: Drive Hard, Swig Easy

This is one of my favorite commercials I've directed. Coca-Cola wanted a new spot to appeal to the Citrus segment of the market, and show how much fun drag-racing is. I conceptualized the story of a hard-working car guy who spends his day off at the drag races watching drivers do their work, driving hard and swigging easy. This national spot started airing 6/1/19

SONY: XDCAM Workflow

This is a corporate training video I worked on with the team at Hearst to produce. This was to educate the entire company on the SONY XDcam and how it would revolutionize the workflow and bring non-linear editing to a tape based operation. This video was the training tool that was used across the entire group and shown to the RTNDA conference in 2007 to tout Hearst's innovation in Electronic News Gathering.

Verizon Wireless: Advantage Fan

This is one of the first national commercials I directed. Verizon wanted to partner with the Capitals to see the NHL star Alex Ovechkin and I was tasked with coming up with a concept that puts Alex in contact with the fans who adore him. In association with another producer we came up with a concept that Verizon's PR firm fell in love with. A literal cast of hundreds staged on F Street in DC, and with the street shut down and cameras in place, we accomplished a great spot with real fan moments.

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