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When I applied for a position in the creative services department I needed a resume reel of all of my work I had compiled during my time in news. This is 10 years of news coverage boiled down into 2:48; was fortunate to get Don LaFontaine to voice this for me.

On The Road with Eyewitness News

Every summer, we packed up the satellite truck and all of the live trucks and each night took the newscast to a different city for a week. This was a piece from the Bus Station Cafe in Seminole, Oklahoma. Jordan Williams and I spent 4 hours here one afternoon and got this piece. Jordan's writing style and my shot composition and editing work well together during this story.

6 Tornadoes!

Part of my job in OKC was to be a member of the First Alert Storm Team. Whenever severe weather would threaten we would load up into the storm chase truck and try to get tornadoes live on the air, this day Jordan and I saw 6, Chris Lee saw 100. Quite the bizarre storm day, and yes that's me reporting on the tornadoes as they form.

A Town Comes Together

The unimaginable happened when a family found their little girl had been the victim of one of the most horrific crimes. The community came together to show the family love. Kevin Sims and I were assigned to cover the service for the 10pm news.

Tapeless Workflow Innovation

I was part of the team that moved the Hearst-Argyle television group to a tapeless workflow using the XDCAM product line from Sony. Hearst presented our case study at RTNDA, this was the presentation.

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