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Verizon Wireless: Advantage Fan

This is one of my favorite commercials I've directed. Verizon wanted to partner with the Capitals to see the NHL star Alex Ovechkin and I was tasked with coming up with a concept that puts Alex in contact with the fans who adore him. In association with another producer we came up with a concept that Verizon's PR firm fell in love with. A literal cast of hundreds staged on F Street in DC, and with the street shut down and cameras in place, we accomplished a great spot with real fan moments.

TV Asahi: Storm Chasing

in the Summer of 2007 I worked with a Japanese television crew to show them how we chased tornadoes in Oklahoma. This is the news segment they put together from the time we spent together. To date this is the highest rated news segment that has ever aired in Japan.

LIVE Tornado Forms | Live on CNN

One of our goals was to always capture a tornado forming live on the air, Using gear I had developed, I was able to live stream the tornado life cycle close to the touchdown point. CNN carried this live on the air as Chris Lee, Rick Mitchell, Jordan Williams and I covered this storm in far Northwest Oklahoma.

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