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NBA Playoff Open 2009

the Oklahoma City Thunder made it to the playoffs in 2010 and the team went up against the Los Angeles Lakers. This was an open conceived by our game producer, and I shot and edited it with a talented chalk artist in Oklahoma City. This was part of the Emmy Submission package that won the first Emmy for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Emmy Award Winning

Another Chapter in OKC History

2010 was a pivotal season for the NBA in OKC and Thunder Broadcasting wanted to start the season off right. I edited this piece for our opening night on Fox Sports: Oklahoma. Was great to get Mr Movie voice himself: Chris Corley on this piece. We won a Telly for this piece.


when Boston comes to town it's a big deal, and here's the opening of the Thunder game from that night; Boston would always be one of the more highly rated games during the first few years of the NBA in OKC, we spent more time on the opens and franchise segments. We won a Telly for this piece.

the Boston Celtics


Air Thunder: Playoffs Show Open

When the Thunder made it to Playoffs we went into full playoff mode. This was a cold open I produced for our magazine show cold open. 

Thunder Graphics: Player Cappers

Producer wanted a creative way to go to break and highlight a strong player, I composited these cappers with the player signatures to give him some options.

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