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RACE 6: NHRA travels to Epping, New Hampshire for their sixth stop on the Camping World Drag Racing Series 2021 Season. Brian Lohnes wrote this open and I edited it. This aired on the Fox broadcast network as part of the Finals show on 13 June 2021

65 Years of the Big Go!

the Big Go has been attracting racers and fans alike for 65 years. I wrote and produced this open to tell the story of the Big Go! 


the 1966 movie 'Grand Prix' had one of the best opening sequences ever designed for a racing film by Saul Bass, legendary title sequence designer. This open for Fox was my tribute to his vision for motorsports on film.


for the first time in history, the NHRA is LIVE over the air on Fox. This open I wrote and produced for the historic event. This represents about 100 hours of editing

NHRA: the Return of LIVE racing

Fox is proud to bring LIVE NHRA Drag Racing back to television This cold open I produced and edited is the open to bring the fans the majesty and magic that is the history of the NHRA. See the evolution of the most extreme sport you've ever witnessed in 20 years. The piece is voiced by the great Chris Corley, Mr Movie Voice Himself.


NHRA: the Sound of Fire in the Desert

I asked our EP and Coordinating producer if I could write a poem about drag racing for our Phoenix 2018 show. This is the piece I wrote, produced and edited. As always thanks to Wes Johnson for his special ability to breath life into my words.

NHRA: Denver 200 Years of History

the NHRA starts the Western Swing with a stop in Denver. The Rush to Denver was once for Gold, now it's for speed...

NHRA: the End of the Season

An open I produced to close the the first year of the NHRA on FOX. I wrote and produced this for the final race for the championship at Pomona California 

NHRA: Awards Show Animation

The end of the season brings the awards show and to acknowledge the 10-2 points leaders I made this animation with Wes Johnson voicing each driver. There was a 10-2  for every class of NHRA cars. 

NHRA: Legal Copyright

in a national television broadcast you have some legal language you have to get into the telecast, I made this little animation to make it a little more entertaining and interesting. There is such great history of compelling images from the NHRA.

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