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Someone finally figured it out!

I have been doing the tv production thing for a long time. I have to tell you, from the first time I shot a tornado as a kid and got it on the news, until a few weekends ago at the march meet, I am always looking for way to do my job better. With the quality of the iPhone matching or surpassing some of the available prosumer gear there is no reason not to shoot with one, but the audio isn't always the best. Well look no more! Samson has created a fully thought out audio solution for the iPhone (or android with the 1/8" audio adapter) This rig clips to the back of your phone, and will let you use 2 wireless mics at the same time. Using the lavalier microphone, or the stick microphone, or 2 lavs or two sticks, whichever suits your needs. This means you can now do video on the iPhone with broadcast quality sound, and yes it works on facebook live, periscope, instagram, twitch or whatever you need. If you are part of a broadcast television entity and use TVU, you can now use your TVU Anywhere app on your phone

with this, and no one will ever know you aren't using a full live truck to transmit. Now reporters and photographers can go live with nothing more than a phone, and the Samson microphone kit. This setup can literally change the world of television news gathering and not to mention making all of the social media posts sound 1000 times better! The possibilities are endless with this setup, you can have a reporter mic'd up with the lav, and they are using the stick on scene with breaking news to interview people, or you can have two people with two lav mics wired up and doing a walk and talk, all while using the iPhone. If you want to take it a step further, you can add a gimbal setup for your iPhone to give the video another level of production. Now network quality live remotes and social media posts are possible for less than $1000. I have included some links below to the microphone kit to get you started and a gimbal I like with my iPhone Xs MAX.

Here is a link to an additional handheld mic:

This mic added to the kit above will let you have the option of using two handheld microphones when doing interviews

And here is a link to an additional lav mic:

and finally a gimbal I like:

and in case you don't already have one; here is an tripod adapter for your phone:

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